EZPi – EEPROM Marlin Editor Plugin Update

Change of Maintainer

The EEPROM Marlin Editor Plugin has been taken over by a new maintainer. Updating to the new version is not automatic. Follow the directions below to perform the upgrade to the new plugin. You may see a notice like the below one about this plugin when you log in to your EZPi, just click “Mark Read” and follow the below guide to update.

Steps to Update

Click the wrench at the top of the EZPi interface navigation bar:

Click “Plugin Manager” on the left

Enter “EEPROM” in the search box and then click the trash can next to the EEPROM Marlin Editor Plugin

Click “Uninstall & clean up data”

It will uninstall. Do NOT click Restart Now. Instead click the Close button and we will install the new version

Click “Get More…”

Enter “Marlin EEPROM” and then click “Install” on the “Marlin EEPROM Editor” plugin with the authors “Charlie Powell, Anderson Silva”

The installation will run, this may take a few minutes. Once complete you can click the “Restart Now” button, then “Proceed” and the EZPi will reboot. You are all done!

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