Bearing Packer Cap for White Lithium Grease – By sidoh10

Mirrored from here:  Replacement cap for a tube of White Lithium Grease with an M10x1.5 screw fitting. Fusion 360 link in case you want to edit it: When printing with PETG, print the upper part of cap very slowly (5-10 mm/s). I didn’t need to change settings when printing with PLA. PLA was quite […]

LMU Bearing Grease Packer – ThomLlama Design

Mirrored from with Permission from ThomLlama Summary If you like my designs, please consider using the “tip designer” button and help support my continued effort to bring you new, useful and interesting things. update with a new M4 cap and the 14×1.5 threaded for Super LubeTubes New Cap can be printed and used with […]

Dual LCD Adapter Clamshell Case

This is a print-in-place clamshell case for our Dual LCD Adapter. If you intend to use this in an electronics box or enclosure, we recommend that you print this in ABS.