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Storing Bed Leveling Mesh & Updating Your Slicer



  • Mindbender9

    Wait. So we have to run this entirely before every print if we enter this into our slicer software?


    You're saying that a G28 and G29 is required before every print?

  • Tim

    No, this is only if you want to store your mesh. You should be following the EZABL installation guide. This article is for advanced users.

  • Mark Clark Jr

    In the "EZABL (All Versions) – Bed Leveling Starting Gcode" article you have:

    G28 Z ; home z again
    M117 Generating mesh...
    G29; auto bed leveling
    M117 Heaters Recovering...
    G4 S10; wait for heaters to recover
    M420 Z0; Z fade
    M900 K0; LA

    I know we replace that G29 with "M420 S1" (or M420 S1 Z10) for this. I was just rereading it last night and noticed the other "M420 Z0" command. Should that be left in there?

  • Tim

    M420 Z0 can be left. That makes sure the Z fade is off in case you are on an older firmware version.

  • Brock

    Thank you! Used this with a BLTouch and it saved me a ton of time when troubleshooting what was wrong with my printer cause I was constantly restarting prints and the auto bed leveling took forever each time. 

  • Patrick Moy

    After the mesh has been generated and stored, if I modified the Z offset, then hit store settings on my Ender 3 Pro's menu, will my newly stored mesh be erased?


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