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Creality Ender 3/3 Pro & Ender 5/5 Pro Firmware | V4.2.X Board



  • Adam Annen

    Swapped out my 1.1.4 board from my Ender 3 Pro (With EZABL) today and followed the steps in this guide. All up and running - Thank you.

    1. You do need to enable one of the mount options.
    2. There are some temperature and esteps that needed dialing back and a couple items disabled.. Make sure you look at all values..

    Again, this guide and firmware allowed me to get my 4.2.7 board working as I needed it with the EZABL.

  • Xavier



    Ender 5 with Motherboard 1.1.5 swapped to Creality 4.2.7 board.

    Flashed TH3D firmware.

    It keeps beeping while bed is heating.

    Once at temperature, it does sometimes beep.

    Can't figure out what's wrong.


    If I put back old motherboard, everything is OK so I would say my bed sensor is OK.

    Any help appreciated.



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