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Forum Kickoff Giveaway!




  • Official comment

    Congratulations to the winners. They are as follows:

    • Nluong - $25 Code for the TH3D Shop
    • Bobby - EZABL Pro Kit
    • MK - EZBoard Lite

    I will contact you all on Monday via email to get your winnings. 

  • Alex Eckman

    Made a post!! Hoping to win that board (:

  • Brian Lillico

    I made my post. I love using the Facebook page for help so I'm looking forward to this.

  • John Palmer

    I made a post. The forum is a great idea, looking forward to seeing it grow!

  • woodwaker

    I have made a few.  Like trying to help.

  • hudsonhaukka

    I made a post and wish good luck to everyone.

  • Randy Pence

    Question posted in forum


  • sarwiz

    got my post in and comment here

  • Todpike

    Hope my little bit of wisdom helps someone else!

  • Sray53

    I am new to 3D printing and have upgraded my Ender 5 pro with several TH3D parts. The parts and customer service have been excellent. Now my goto company for my 3D printer upgrades. I'll provide my upgrade info as it progresses along with my skill level.

  • tuckermartin8

    Made a post heling someone, that ezboard looks pretty good gotta say :D


  • Donaldjkeith

    You guys are awesome, always there when I needed you and the very best product. Thanks.

  • Ken

    I made a post, hope someone finds it useful.

  • Tim

    Thanks everyone. I updated the login system since many were having issues with it on some browsers. Please see the post here for more details since you all signed up with the old login: 

  • Sean Blumenthal

    Made a forum post about ABS printing tips.  Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Bobby

    Made a post! Thank you for creating such a great community.

  • tebavar

    Can always trust your products!

  • LookItsRain

    I help people in communities all the time, happy to join this one aswell.

  • Alvin Chiu

    made my first post! excited to be a part of this growing community!

  • nluong

    Made a post asking for more information about the EZ Mat surfaces. I'm pretty new to 3d printing, but I'm tired of using masking tape. Would love some advice from anyone that has had personal experience with it. Mostly worried about how easy it is to mess up the mat because it says it can get messed up when printing with PETG in the product description. Thanks!

  • Wil Del-Valle

    29 July 2020

    Good Evening All,

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank, Mac, and Tor for helping me with a question I had, I have the CR10ProV2 and have had nothing but issues with it from day one.

    I was hoping to change the mobo with an EZLite, but after speaking with Tor, in chat, and Mac via email it can't be done right now. Tor, allowed this 'Ole Grumpy Marine to vent and to his or her credit they talked me off the ledge.

    Mac spoke with me as well via email, and even told me a story of him having a similar experience, all this to say. I wanted Tim to know, I understand customer support can be a thankless job, I've done it. So for these two especially and your staff, thank you.

    Tim if you're reading this, I'll buy you some Jim Bean Peach, if ya expedite the CR10ProV2 board, lol. If you need a beta tester, I'm all yours.

    Take care of your staff, Tim, they are really good people.


    -Semper Fi


  • MK

    Made a post. Hoping to win the EZABL Pro Kit. So tired of readjusting every time.

  • Darnell Pierre

    Made a post. Thanks for building a community where we can all help each other.

  • Chris Hauser

    New poster here! Looking to put a Ender Extender on my Endy3. Good luck all!

  • DasRot

    I made a small post about one of my printers.


  • James Ramsay

    Interested in the EZABL. Currently working on putting an E3D Hemera on my E5 Plus that’s got an EZBoard and 12864 conversion.

  • depark88

    Here's a post to get started.

  • Tim

    Bobby MK nluong - Please check your emails. I sent you all messages on Monday with details to get your winnings sent out to you. Please reply when you have a moment.


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