EZBoard – Hardware Version Changelog

This is our changelog for the EZBoard(s) by TH3D.

EZBoard Lite V1.X

  • V1.0 – First Retail Release (Batch 1)
  • V1.1 – Cap Changed & Pullup Board for Ender 5 Included (Batch 2)
    • V1.1 boards all ship with LCD Pullup Board for Ender 5 machines with higher than normal EMI
    • 5V power rail cap layout changed to accommodate 2x ceramic or 1x electrolytic depending on part availability.
  • V1.2 – EMI Pullup for Ender 5 EMI LCD Issue Integrated on board & Power LED
    • Integrated Ender 5 EMI fix to board
    • Added Power LED on board for status if no LCD is connected
    • V1.2 Boards shipped after 11/1/2019 – Increased the sensitivity on the Z endstop to allow older EZABL kits to work with the boards without the Servo header workaround
      • No PCB revision was made, only BOM change so version number is the same on the PCB.

Unless otherwise stated all board revisions function exactly the same as others. If any changes where firmware changes are needed we will note that here and in the firmware itself.
Most changes are minor production changes to accommodate part availability or to address issues with the machines they are going on.

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