Setting up VSCode to Compile EZBoard Firmware – Local Compile

This is for locally compiling firmware for the EZBoard in the event that you do not want to use our EZFirmware Web Compiler or you have a special setup that the Web Compiler doesn’t support.

Setting Up & Compiling

See our VSCode setup guide here: VSCode Setup Information for Unified 2 and Marlin 2 Firmware

Flashing the Board

The firmware file will be in the Firmware Source Code folder under the “.pioenvs\LPC1769” folder.

In that folder is a firmware.bin file. Copy this file to a BLANK MicroSD card (MUST be formatted as FAT32 and recommended size is 8GB or less) root (aka not in a folder). Click here for detailed information on flashing recommendations.

With the printer completely powered off (make sure the LCD is off as well, sometimes the PSU takes a bit to discharge completely) insert the MicroSD card with the firmware.bin file on it and turn on the printer.

You will hear a beep that lasts about 5-7 seconds (normal is 1-2) and the firmware will boot as normal after the delay. The file will be renamed from firmware.bin to FIRMWARE.CUR on the SD card. You can delete this file if you want to.

Make sure to reset your EEPROM after an update to avoid any odd issues that come with not resetting it between firmware flashes.

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