EZPi – Image Download (All Versions)

Reloading the EZPi Image

In the event, you want to start over or you break the EZPi with a plugin or change and it will not boot again you can restore the factory image by removing the MicroSD card from the EZPi and “burning” it to the SD card again. The flashing tool is for a Windows PC. We have not tested imaging from Mac or Linux.

Image Download

You are welcome to use this on your own Pi but this is provided AS-IS with NO warranty or support for non-EZPi customers. Requires a 16GB MicroSD or larger. The EZPi Pro Image is intended for use with the Pi 4B boards but does work on the older 3B and 3B+ boards as well.

1st Boot Safe Mode: On the 1st boot after a fresh image Octoprint may start up in “Safe Mode”, this is normal. Just reboot the system and it will boot up normally with all the plugins active.

Pre-Loaded Plugins and Backend Installed Apps

Our EZPi image contains a curated selection of pre-installed and pre-setup plugins to make your experience better with our EZPi kits. We also pre-install some backend applications that normally require you to SSH into the Pi to install them.


*Check Changelog below as these plugins were added after the initial V2.0 release.

Additional Apps/Programs

  • AVRDUDE – For Flashing Firmware on 8-bit printers
  • Kernel Driver for Select USB Wifi Adapters


  • V2.2 – 4/29/2021
    • Updated to Octoprint 1.6.0
    • Updated all plugins to their latest releases as of 4/28/2021
    • Added Autoselect Plugin
    • Added Babystep Z -/+ buttons to Terminal Tab
  • V2.1 – 3/31/2021
    • Updated Firmware Updater to 1.10.10
    • Changed Arc Welder Plugin to Manual Processing by default
  • V2.0 – 3/29/2021
    • Initial V2.0 release
    • Based on Octoprint 0.18.0 Official Release

Flashing Tools

Recommended Flashing Tool: 

Alternate Flashing Tool:

SD Card Removal Tools (Printable)

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