EZABL Klipper Setup Guide

Unified Firmware Info #

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a printer with the stock board/supported aftermarket board, the easiest and quickest setup is to use our Unified 2 Firmware package. This guide is for people wanting to run Klipper on a printer using an EZABL.

You still must follow the EZABL installation guide to install the hardware kit. This is ONLY for firmware setup.

Getting Started #

This guide covers the probe settings and complementing features to get the best experience with the EZABL when using the latest version Klipper. Other printer settings will need to be set to get the firmware working in general with your particular machine. This guide is assuming that you already have all your other printer settings configured and setup in the printer.cfg file. You can get more information on setting up your Klipper firmware on their site here: https://www.klipper3d.org/Installation.html

Printer.cfg Setup #

The first steps for setting up the EZABL in Klipper after installing the probe and wiring it would be setting up the printer.cfg. First you will want to open up your printer.cfg and add the following line

[include EZABL.cfg]

After that is added, scroll down until you reach your [stepper_z] section and change the endstop_pin to the following

endstop_pin: probe:z_virtual_endstop

Then save and close. (no need to restart yet, we will do that soon)

EZABL.cfg Setup #

Next, we will want to download the EZABL.cfg file and upload it to your Klipper setup. You can get that below. The EZABL.cfg file is inside a zip file so make sure to extract it before uploading it to your Klipper UI.

Fluidd upload

Mainsail upload

Once uploaded, you will need to edit the EZABL.cfg with the appropriate pin, offsets, and settings for your printer. Any options that are enabled and have a #### MUST BE SET #### after it must be modified for your machine. You can use our Klipper ABL Mesh & Safe Homing Calculator to get most of these values based on your machine size and probe offsets along with the probe edge. Once finished editing, you can save and restart to apply the new settings. TEST THE PROBE BEFORE HOMING TO ENSURE IT’S TRIGGERING CORRECTLY.

Probe Not Triggering Correctly? #

If the EZABL is not triggering correctly, you may need to add a “!” in front of the pin you have the EZABL connected to.

Probe Not Triggering At All? #

If the EZABL is not triggering at all (meaning NO state change of the endstop), you may need to flip the switch on the EZABL control board if this is a new install and it has never been tested on any other firmware/board setup.

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