EZBoard V2 – Sovol SV06 Stock ABL Sensor Wiring

Details #

When upgrading to the EZBoard V2 you will need to connect the stock ABL sensor to the SERVO header on the EZBoard. You can do this with Dupont Jumper wires which is a completely reversible method or you can re-pin and modify the cable to match the 3-pin header on our board. Pictures of the wiring with the Dupont Jumpers is below.

If you re-pin the cable you will put the order or the pins in 5V, GND, and SIG. The other 2 wires will not be used, they can be taped off or cut off. Then cut down the 5-pin header to a 3-pin header so it fits in the 3-pin socket.

Only the EZBoard V2 is supported on the SV06. We will not be updating the EZBoard Lite V1 code to support this printer as it is a discontinued product.

Stock ABL 5 Pin Connector Pinout #

Completed Wiring with Dupont Jumpers #

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