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Download Information #

If you are receiving remote support from one of our techs we use an open-source program called RustDesk along with our own relay server. Download the version for your computer OS and the technician will give you our key to enter our server. Below is how to set the relay server and ID server information. The key is provided by our technician, this is not public as we do not want people using the relay server that is not us as we only have so much bandwidth available on our WAN here.

RustDesk 1.1.9 for Windows #

6.30 MB 40 Downloads

RustDesk 1.1.9 for MacOS #

14.92 MB 8 Downloads

Setting the Server and Key Information #

Our relay and ID server is The key will be sent to you by the technician that you are working with for remote support.

After entering in the ID Server, Relay Server, and Key click ok. You will now have an ID that is a bunch of numbers to give to our technicians to help you remotely.

After Your Session #

Once your remote session is done you can remove the RustDesk application from your computer. We will not have access to your PC even if the application is still installed as we do not use the password to connect, we require you to approve the connection while we are on the call.

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