Is Route+ Insurance worth it?

Easy Claim Handling #

We partnered up with Route in July 2020 to help get shipping claims handled quicker and take some load off of our team.

We’ve seen hundreds of claims handled by them and we only had to get involved with a few of them. They have re-ordered and re-shipped multiple of those with NO additional cost to our customers.

If your order is lost, damaged, or stolen you can file a claim with them. You will have 2 options for the claim resolution. One is a reshipment of the order, this costs nothing and the new order will be insured through them as well. The other is a refund but you will only receive a refund for the cost of the items, shipping, taxes, and service fees are not refunded.

We truly believe it’s a good service to make sure you get your order with minimal hassle in the event that the shipping carriers damage or lose your order. It’s very cheap for the service and coverage they provide. We highly recommend leaving it on for your TH3D orders.

What if I have a Claim that is not going through? #

Route states that they will respond within 24 hours and most claims are completed in 5 business days or less. Make sure you give them enough time to respond and process the claim before having us escalate it on our end.

Contact TH3D with the order information and claim number so we can contact our account manager on your behalf. We will still get involved if they are not doing their job. So far, their service has been great and they have been holding up their end of the service well.

We believe in doing everything we can to make sure things are run smoothly and that our customers have a good experience with us.

Updated on September 10, 2022
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