Setting a Static IP Address – R4+ EZPi Kits

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Setting a static IP address will mean that it will not change on reboots. You will need to know what IP address you want to use (this must be one that is NOT in the DHCP range of your router), what IP your EZPi kit is currently using, the router IP address, and your DNS IP address (this is usually the same as your router).

You will need to connect to the EZPi R4+ kit with a SSH program. Our preferred one is a free one called Putty that you can download below.

Putty #

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Follow the directions below to set up the static IP. If you are on wireless you will select the wireless network instead of the wired one as shown in the directions. All other settings will be the same regardless of whether you are using wifi or ethernet to connect to the EZPi.

WARNING: Make sure you TRIPLE CHECK the IP address information you enter to make sure it is correct. If you enter the wrong information you will lose connection to the EZPi and will likely need to re-image the SD card to get it back up again (contact support for the image if you need this).

If you are configuring the wifi and mess up you can connect the ethernet cable to get access again even if you mess up the wifi setup.

Video Guide #

Image Guide #

In our example these are our settings:
Current IP:
New Static IP:
Router: (also our DNS)

The EZPi will now reboot and apply the new Network IP address we configured it on.

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