Marlin Input Shaping Calculator

New to Input Shaping?

Read our guide here first: Unified/Marlin Input Shaping Tuning Guide – TH3D Studio Help Center

This tool is to help you calibrate the frequency that needs compensation on each axis of your printer with the new Input Shaping feature in Marlin and our Unified 2 firmware. The new value can be set by sending the Gcode command below to your printer or you can also put it into your printer firmware.

If you do set the Input Shaping Frequency with the GCode command, remember to save it to your EEPROM by sending an M500 command after. If you do not put the Input Shaping Frequencies into your firmware it will revert to the firmware default when you reset the EEPROM.

Printing the Ringing Tower

Download the Ringing Tower STL which you will slice and use for the print test.

We recommend using Prusa Slicer or Super Slicer to slice the test print. You will need to enable the Spiral vase mode and then add the following to Printer Settings > After layer change G-code to have it apply changes to the compensation during the print. This will run a test from 15Hz to 60Hz.

M593 F{(layer_num < 2 ? 0 : 15 + 45.0 * (layer_num – 2) / 297)} ; Hz Input Shaping Test

To read more on Input Shaping see the Marlin guide here. This calculator uses this page for references and other info on this page. Marlin M593 Wiki Page

Pre-Sliced 120mm/s Test GCode Files

We also have pre-sliced 120mm/s test files for printers with a 200×200 bed size or larger. There are PLA and ABS files as well as 0.4 and 0.6mm nozzle sizes. If using with other materials adjust the hotend and bed temperature when you 1st start the print. These also have starting Gcode pre-loaded for ABL sensors as well to generate a mesh.

This file is provided as-is with no implied support or warranty from TH3D Studio LLC.

  • V1.1 – Fixed typo in layer script
  • V1.0 – Initial Release.

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