Anet Bootloader Flashing Guide (USBASP)

Recommend Flashing Method #

We recommend you use the UNO method to flash your bootloader if you do not already have a USB ASP as the UNO method has been proven to be more reliable. We sell a full bootloader kit in our shop here: TH3D Uno Bootloader Flashing Kit

Flashing with the USBASP #

Some Anet boards have an outdated or oversized bootloader. If you get a blank LCD after flashing you will need to flash the bootloader on your board. There is no physical way to tell what bootloader you have on your board without pulling it off with a programmer. If your Anet board resets when trying to flash you will need to flash the bootloader. Pinout is on the firmware page for the programming header. We recommend using a USBASP for this OR our specific Uno kit (genuine ones may not work).

If you use our Uno to flash please follow our Bootloader guide using the Anet pinout and select the Anet V1.0 for the board instead of Sanguino.

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