EZPi – Host Action Commands Warning

Warning PopUp #

When loading up OctoPrint you may get a notice/warning from the interface that says the following:

Your printer’s firmware supports host action commands, but they are disabled. The firmware will not inform OctoPrint about job pause & cancellations, filament runouts, and similar firmware-side events. If you want this functionality, you need to change your firmware’s configuration

Even with action commands disabled in the firmware things will still work correctly with OctoPrint.

This message can be ignored and just means that your build of Marlin or Unified 2 does not have the action commands enabled. This firmware setting is not required for our EZPi or OctoPrint to work with your 3D printer.

NOTE: Unified V2.34 and higher have Action Commands enabled by default.

Enabling Action Commands in Marlin/Unified 2 Firmware #

If you want to enable Action Commands in your firmware you will need to edit the Configuration_adv.h file and enable the following lines:


And optionally you can enable the menu item as well by uncommenting this line:


Once those lines are enabled you will need to recompile the firmware and upload the firmware to your printer. Do note that this takes up extra memory so boards with smaller CPUs (like the 1284P or 256K STM chips) may throw errors about the size of the firmware. If your compile fails because of the size being too large you will need to disable other features in the firmware to make room for the Action Commands

These are the lines in Configuration_adv.h to uncomment to get Action Commands support at the firmware level.
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