Using the EZABL with CR-10S Printers with Touch LCD

The CR-10S with the touch will work with the EZABL however there are a few differences with the setup. Since the touch LCD does NOT support setting the Z offset or Babystepping you cannot do it without a computer.

EEPROM: To reset the EEPROM send M502 followed by M500

You can set the Z offset with Gcode and even do Babystepping to fine tune your first layer.

To set the Z offset you can send M851 Z-X.XX – X.XX being your Z offset. To babystep with Gcode you can send M290 Z0.1 to raise 0.1mm and M290 Z-0.1 to lower 0.1mm. This is done during the 1st layer to fine tune it. On the non-touch LCD variants this can all be done easily from the LCD. If you have a Raspberry Pi connected to the machine you can also use a plugin to add buttons to babystep through the web interface (Using this plugin:

Depending on how your machine was set up at the Creality factory the filament sensor (if you have one) may be connected to the touch LCD instead of the printer board itself. If your’s is connected to the printer LCD the printer will pause itself as it thinks the filament sensor is triggered. Use the Touch LCD option in the firmware to set the correct filament sensor method.

If you want the full experience of the TH3D firmware you can disconnect the Touch LCD and connect the 12864 Creality LCD.

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