Backorders – Shipping Times and Cancellation

Benefits of Backordering #

The main reason to backorder a part is so you do not have to wait to order it whenever it is restocked. You can place your order and as soon as we get it back in, it will ship. If you place a backorder it will ship before anyone else as soon as we receive the part(s) from our suppliers.

What is a backorder? #

If you are placing an order for back-ordered products this means we have these parts on order and we’re awaiting delivery on them. Most back-ordered products get restocked in 1-2 weeks on average but can see times up to 3-4 weeks depending on where in the reorder process we are when you place your order.

Printed Parts #

The only exception to the longer times is the printed parts we make here (which is all printed parts). Printed parts are shipped in 1-2 business days if, on backorder, most are shipped in 1 business day. Some items that are lower volume we print on demand, which is why some will be back-ordered.

When will my order ship? #

Ordering with other items that are in stock? #

If you are ordering a back-ordered part with others that are in stock you will have the other products reserved and the order will ship once ALL parts are in stock here.

Want the in-stock parts shipped before the back-ordered parts? #

If you wish to get the parts that are in stock before the backorder part arrives, then make 2 separate orders with the in-stock products and a separate one for the back-ordered products.

What is the ETA on X Product? #

ETAs are further complicated due to all the supply chain issues and other delays that are the norm these days post-COVID. If you ask we will always give a general 2-3 week ETA.

Not willing to wait? #

We only allow backorders on certain items that are high-demand items. In general, if you are not willing to potentially wait up to 4 weeks for a backorder item to ship (this is worst-case and NOT typical) then we ask that you do not place a backorder.

Canceling a Backorder #

If you wish to cancel a backorder you can but our standard 5% cancellation fee applies if we are refunding it to a payment method (credit card, debit card, PayPal, etc). This is due to credit card processors like PayPal and Stripe keeping their processing fees and time spent by our team to cancel your order. If you wish to not pay a cancellation fee we can issue a gift card in the refund amount which is good in our store and has no expiration.

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