Ender 6 12864 LCD Kit Installation Directions

Intro #

The LCD kit installation is pretty straightforward. You are going to remove the stock LCD, connect the new LCD, mount the new LCD, and update the firmware. All the steps are outlined in detail below

Installation Steps #

  1. Unplug the printer
  2. Turn the machine on its rear panel so you can access the bottom panel
  3. Remove the 8 M4 screws that hold the bottom panel in place
  4. Unscrew the 2 M3 screws on the bottom of the stock LCD housing and the 2 M3 screws on the back side of the stock LCD housing.
  5. Unplug the speaker and serial LCD cable from the stock LCD
  6. Pull the stock cables into the rear of the printer (you can disconnect them and remove the speaker if you like)
  7. Unplug the stock 10-pin LCD cable from the control board
  8. Feed the new 10 pin LCD cable that came with the LCD kit into the bottom of the printer through the same hole that the stock cables were fed through
  9. Plug the end of the new 10 pin cable into the control board in the same connector that the stock 10-pin cable plugged into
  10. Insert the new LCD into the printed housing and secure with 4 of the included screws.
  11. Plug the other end of the new 10-pin LCD cable into the EXP3 header on the new LCD
    1. USB Passthrough Hole – Pass your USB cable through the hole and then through the stock hole that the 10 pin cable passes through on. Plug this into your control board.
  12. Put the new LCD housing in the same location as the stock housing, secure with the 2 original M3 screws on the bottom of the cover (this is the side that says “TH3D Studio”) and use 2 of the included screws to screw into the rear of the new LCD Housing.
  13. Re-install the bottom panel on the printer
  14. Update the firmware using our firmware for the Ender 6. Click here to download, there are directions on the page on how to update the firmware.

USB Passthrough Hole #

Our LCD housing has a hole that lets you pass a USB cable through into the bottom of the printer housing even when the bottom panel is installed. The hole accommodates most USB plugs to slide through so you can use USB with your Ender 6.

Installation Video #

Installation Pictures #

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