VSCode – Setup Guide for Unified 2 and Marlin 2 Firmware

MacOS Users #

We have added an installation guide for MacOS users running Apple Silicon or Intel-based Macs (running MacOS 12 “Monterey”). Please click here for more information!

Visual Studio Code (VSCode) & Prerequisites #

TH3D Unified 2 Firmware #

Marlin Firmware #

Reminders #

When you get VSCode setup you need to open firmware at the folder level that contains the platformio.ini file. With the Unified 2 firmware you will open the folder called ‘Firmware’. If you do not open the correct folder in VSCode then you will not be able to compile.

Video Guide #

Installing VSCode on Windows (Step by Step Guide) #

PlatformIO needs Python to install at work, we cover this below after installing VSCode.

If you want to speed up installation you can install it during the setup guide below or install it before proceeding. Make sure you have the latest version of Python 3.x installed. You can get the latest version of Python from their download page. If you install Python make sure to check the boxes during installation to enable installation for All Users and to add Python to path. At the end of the Python installation make sure to click the button (if shown) to fix the PATH character limit.

Click the VSCode Download Page and click the Windows download button.

Let the installer download.

Go through the installer and select the options shown. Click the buttons in the order of each picture shown below:

Installation is done for VSCode. You should now see it loaded on screen. Close out the usage data popup.

Installing the PlatformIO Extension #

Now that VSCode is installed on our computer we need to install PlatformIO so we can compile the firmware.

Open the Extensions window pane.

Type “PlatformIO” and click the green “Install” button on the PlatformIO IDE section.

Let PlatformIO install. This speed will vary based on your computer and internet speed.

If you are on the above screen for more than 2 minutes you may need to click the PlatformIO: Installing PlatformIO IDE and install Python.

Install Python (if needed) #

Now that Python is installed, return to VSCode. #

PlatformIO is now installed! #

Finished! #

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