Power Supply Not Turning On OR Shutting Off Under Load

Voltage Selection Switch #

Since we ship internationally all our Power Supplies sold (internal ones for printer power supply) ship with the voltage switch set in the 230V position. This is done to prevent damage to the power supply. If we ship a power supply to a country or customer that is on 230V power and the switch is set to 115V it will damage the power supply.

Most of the power supplies will turn on when they are powered from 115V but set to 230V. If you are in a country that uses 115V instead of 230V you need to flip the switch from 230V to 115V for it to work properly. US and Canada are just a few that use 115V for their standard power outlets.

Do NOT flip the switch with power connected. DISCONNECT the printer from the wall power before changing the switch position. Doing this with the power connected to the printer can result in damage to the power supply.

Other Troubleshooting #

If your voltage selection switch is in the correct position and the power supply is not turning on there are a few things to verify to determine what the issue is.

  1. Make sure you purchased and received the correct voltage supply for your printer (12V vs 24V and correct wattage). If you received the wrong PSU from what you ordered contact us to get it exchanged.
  2. Make sure there are no shorts on your printer wiring. The Meanwell PSUs have short circuit protection which will turn them off to prevent damage to the PSU and machine.
  3. Make sure all the connections to your power supply are properly connected and the screw terminals are fully tightened down
  4. Check the fuse on your printers power receptacle to make sure it is not blown
  5. Check the resistance on your heaters (bed and hotend) to make sure they are within spec. Refer to the manufacturer documentation to determine what that should be.

We test all the power supplies that we sell to work with the models we list them for. If you did all the above checks and ordered the correct power supply for your machine please contact us to get an RMA setup.

If you found that you ordered the wrong power supply we can set up an exchange for the correct but restocking fees will apply and if the price of the correct PSU is more you will owe the difference.

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