EZPi – Changing/Setting Wifi Network

EZPi Kit Versions #

The wifi setup directions are different depending on the version of our EZPi kits you have. If you have the older ones with the Rasbperry Pi 3 or 4 boards in them you will want to follow the directions for the Raspberry Pi based kits. If you have the latest EZPi R4+ you will want to follow those directions below.

EZPi R4+ Kits #

The set up the wifi on the R4+ kit versions involves connecting the kit to your router with the included ethernet cable for the initial setup. Once the wifi is connected you can shut down the kit and then move it to its location that doesn’t have a hardwired ethernet connection available.

Once you have your EZPi kit connected to a wired network connection you will want to wait about 1 minute after powering it on for it to do its startup. After that, you will need to locate its IP address on the network.

If you do not know how to do that you can use a tool like Advanced IP Scanner to find it on the network. The hostname of the EZPi kit will be “octoprint” on your network by default.

Advanced IP Scanner #

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You can see here after running a scan I see that my EZPi kit is on the IP address of (this will be different on your network.

Now that we know the IP address we will connect to it over SSH. This is just a simple remote terminal that will let us type commands to the kit to setup the wifi. We like to use Putty for our terminal program and you can download it below.

Putty #

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Open putty and enter in your EZPi IP address, then click open.
Click Accept (this will only happen the first time you connect)

Then at the login type pi for the username and EzP1.ssh for the password

You are now logged in and we can run the wifi setup utility. To do that just type nmtui and press enter. You will get the NetworkManager TUI screen.

Select Activate a Connection with the arrow keys.
Scroll down (using the arrow keys) to your wifi network you want to connect to and press enter.
Enter your password and then press enter.
It will connect to the wifi.
If you see the asterisk next to the wifi name your wireless is setup and connected.
Use the right and down arrow key to select back, then press enter.
Then select quit.

You can now press the power button on the EZPi case to safely shut it down. Once the green LED on the EZPi case turns off you can now disconnect it from the wired network connection and move it to the location it will be used wirelessly.

Raspberry Pi Based Kits #


Network Name & Password Entry: Your wireless name AND password are case sensitive. You MUST match the EXACT name of your SSID or it will NOT work correctly.

Editing the File: Do NOT use a simple text editor like Notepad. Use one that supports the formatting of the file like Notepad++. If you use a built-in text editor (like notepad) it will not work.

New WPA File – Raspberry Pi Based Kits #

If you messed up your octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt file or want to start over you can download a fresh copy below. Copy the downloaded file onto your EZPi SD card, overwriting the old one and then edit the new file with your information using the information in the video below.

octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt file

Video Guide – Raspberry Pi Based Kits #


NOTE: When removing the SD card be careful as they are delicate devices. Warranty does not cover if you crack the SD card when removing from the EZPi case.

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