SKR E3 Mini, SKR E3 Turbo, Creality V4.2.2, and V4.2.7 LCD EMI Issue

EMI Issues #

Due to poor design the E3 Mini, E3 Turbo, V4.2.2, and V4.2.7 boards suffer from EMI on the LCD lines. This usually presents itself as if the LCD button is being pressed over and over again. This is most common on the Ender 5 series machines. This is not a firmware issue, this is an issue with the board itself and oversight when they made the board.

Our EZBoard does not have this same issue as we took these types of things into consideration when designing it.

Video of the Issue #

Below is a video that a user sent in showing the issue on their Ender 5 machine.

Easy Fix #

We carry a filtering PCB that plugs onto your LCD to fix this issue. If your printer with one of these boards is doing the same thing as in the below video you can purchase our LCD EMI Filter board to fix this without having to replace your board.

DIY Fix #

One thing you can try to do is wrap the LCD cables in aluminum foil and then the foil with electrical tape. This may work on some machines but if the interference is too high the issue will still be present. The new 32 bit boards use 3.3V on the IO pins instead of 5V (what the old boards used) so they are more sensitive to electrical interference.

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