How to use our Fan Quick Connectors (UY Style)

Quick and Easy #

Included with our fans are quick connectors so you can install them without soldering. We do recommend that if you can solder to install your fans that way but if you do not know how to solder or are in a pinch these connectors are a quick, solderless way to connect your fans.

Wire Size #

We use the “UY” style which is intended for 19-26 AWG wire. Most 19-26 AWG wires fit well into these.

Wire(s) Not Inserting? #

Sometimes the printer wire and/or fan wire insulation will prevent full insertion past the splice portion of the connector. If your fan and/or power wire will not fully insert then you will need to strip it about 8mm and then twist the wire end. Then insert the wires until they stop. Once the stripped wires are in as far as they can go you can then use a set of pliers to lock them into place. See the pictures below for the steps.

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