Flashing Firmware with an Uno – Useful if your printer USB port is bad

Steps to Flash using an UNO #

If you find yourself with a board with a bad USB port you can use an Arduino UNO to flash the firmware. Follow the steps below:

  1. Setup the firmware as normal
  2. Make sure the “ArduinoISP” sketch is loaded on your Arduino UNO
  3. Connect the UNO to your board ICSP header with jumper wires
  4. Select the COM port from Tools > COM Port for the UNO in the Arduino IDE
  5. Select “Arduino as ISP” from Tools > Programmer menu in the Arduino IDE
  6. Select the correct board for your printer (Sanguino 1284p or Arduino MEGA 2560)
  7. Then upload by selecting Sketch > Upload using Programmer

Notes #

You will need the firmware and Arudino IDE. This is available in the Unified Firmware Package

You will need an Arduino UNO, USB Cable, and some jumper wires. We sell a full kit here: https://www.th3dstudio.com/product/arduino-uno-bootloader-flashing-kit/

See our Bootloader flashing article for commonly used ICSP headers on boards: http://bootloader.th3dstudio.com

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