Solid Mounting the Ender 7 Bed – For use with EZABL, BLTouch, or CRTouch

If you have an ABL system (EZABL, BLTouch, CRTouch, etc) installed on your Ender 7 you will want to ditch the springs in favor of solid mounting the bed.

Spacers were installed in place of the springs. Re-attach with the stock leveling knobs or M4 nuts if you don’t want to keep having the large knobs under the bed.
Rear spacer installed with the Spacer Adapter

We carry a cheap set of spacers in our shop that fit this printer (our full solid bed mount kits do NOT fit due to the carriage design) and you will also want to either shim the 2 REAR spacers with 2mm washers or print 2 of the spacer adapters linked below. If you opt for the printed parts it’s recommended to use PETG or ABS for this since it’s near the heated bed, and PLA may compress over time.


Ender 7 Spacer Adapter #

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The spacer adapters or washers are required on the rear 2 spacers because on the front there are 2 threaded holes that stick up 2mm. Not adding washers to the rear spacers or using the spacer adapters will result in the bed being slanted from front to rear.

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