Printer Bed Sizing Chart

Many 3D Printers on the market have beds that are physically larger than the print area they support. This page serves to document and provide information on machines that we deal with here at TH3D Studio.

The print area is the area that is specified by the printer manufacturer. Modifications to your machine may change this print area in a positive or negative direction. Sizes are X by Y.

This information is provided AS-IS and is based on the current information we have at the time of updating this article. Manufacturers change printers after they are released so if you are in doubt then measure your bed before purchasing a product that is reliant on bed sizing.

Printer ModelPhysical Bed SizePrint AreaNotes
Alfawise U10400x400mm400x400mm 
Anet A2/A6/A8220x220mm220x220mm 
Anet E10230x270mm230x270mm 
Artillery AL-4310x310mm300x300mm 
Artillery Sidewinder X1310x310mm300x300mm 
Creality CR-10310x310mm300x300mm“S” Models have the same bed
Creality CR-10 Mini235x310mm220x300mm“S” Models have the same bed
Creality CR-10 S4410x410mm400x400mm“S” Models have the same bed
Creality CR-10 S5508x508mm500x500mm“S” Models have the same bed
Creality CR-10 Max470x470m450x450mm 
Creality CR-10 V2/V3310x320mm300x300mm 
Creality CR-10S Pro310x320mm300x300mm 
Creality CR-X310x320mm300x300mm 
Creality Ender 3235x235mm220x220mm“Pro” “V2” and “3X” models have the same bed.
Creality Ender 3 MAX310x320mm300x300mm
Creality Ender 4235x235mm220x220mm 
Creality Ender 5 235x235mm220x220mm“Pro” models have the same bed
Creality Ender 5 Plus370x376mm350x350mm 
Creality Ender 6290x290mm250x250mm 
Creality CR-20235x235mm220x220mm“Pro” models have the same bed
Creality CR-6 SE245x255mm235x235mm 
Geeetech A10/A20M235x235mm220x220mm 
Geeetech A20/A20M260x260mm255x255mm 
Kywoo Tycoon Max310x320mm300x300mm
Sunlu S8310x310mm310x310mm 
Tevo Tarantula Pro235x235mm235x235mm 
Wanhao i3220x220mm200x200mmAlso applies to the “Plus”

This article is continually being updated so if you have a machine to add to the list please contact us.

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