Creality Extruder Motor Shaft Lengths

Info #

Some (not all) Creality printers are shipping with shorter 13-14mm shaft lengths on their Extruder motors. This change was discovered in late December 2020. These motors will work with our standard aluminum-type extruders when you remove the stock gear but will not work with our Tough Extruder due to the short shaft length. If you are going to replace your extruder with one of ours or another aftermarket extruder it is recommended to check how long yours is before ordering because you may need to replace the motor.

Replacement Motors:

Standard Creality E Motor #

Here is the older/standard Creality E motor. It will have a shaft length of 20-22mm.

Newer/Shorter Creality E Motor #

This is the newer motor with the short shaft length

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