Using the EZABL with the Creality Sprite Extruder

Please Note: The Creality Sprite and Sprite Pro are not products we sell at this time. We cannot provide technical support for the installation or use of these items.

This article assumes that you have installed the Creality Sprite hardware according to Creality’s instructions.

Mounting the EZABL #

Our EZABL mount for the Ender 3 S1 printer works with current aftermarket Creality Sprite extruders. You can purchase our OEM mount or print one yourself:

  • To purchase a printed mount, click here and select “Ender 3 S1 (18mm)”.
  • To download our STL package, click here.

Follow our EZABL Installation Guide to ensure that the EZABL is mounted and calibrated properly.

Firmware Settings #

In our Unified Firmware, the EZABL is enabled by selecting one of the mount types from the list. Use the CUSTOM_PROBE option:

Use the CUSTOM_PROBE option to enable the EZABL

Using this option requires you to set your Nozzle-to-Probe offsets so the printer knows where the EZABL resides in relation to the nozzle. The offsets for the Ender 3 S1 OEM mount are (-44, -42). Fill these values into the nozzle-to-probe offset section as seen here:

Fill in the nozzle-to-probe offset values as shown

Once these settings are complete, compile and flash the firmware to your printer as you normally would.

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