EZPi – Disabling Arc Welder Automatic Processing

What is Arc Welder? #

Arc Welder is a plugin for Octoprint that takes your standard Gcode files and makes them smaller by combining multiple, small segments on curves of a print to use the firmware to process the curve. This results in smoother prints and smaller files. This also helps with alleviating the bottleneck of the serial buffer on machines when printing over USB

Default Plugin Behavior #

By default, Arc welder will automatically make a 2nd copy of your uploaded GCode file in a smaller format utilizing Arc support in your printer firmware. If you do not want this OR your printer firmware doesn’t support it (all TH3D Unified 2 Firmware supports Arc) then you can disable the automatic processing by following the steps below.

This plugin is installed on our EZPi Pro V2 SD image. Releases V2.1 and higher will have this automatic processing disabled by default. If you have the V2.1 or higher EZPi Pro image, you can use the steps below to change to automatic processing if you do want that on your installation. We disabled it in the V2.1 release because not all printers/boards support Arc in their firmware and want to maintain maximum compatibility with printers.

Disabling Automatic Processing of GCode Files #

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