Leadscrew Coupler Separating

Coupler Separating? #

If you are using a “plum” type coupler, like the Upgraded Couplers we sell, and it is separating when you move your Z-Axis this is caused by binding occurring on the Z-Axis. The #1 cause of this happening is due to the eccentric nuts being too tight on the extrusion. The other cause of binding could be due to a mechanical issue like a bent leadscrew, misalignment of the coupler on the motor shaft or leadscrew, or your gantry is not properly squared up.

Eccentric Nut Examples #

Fixing your Printer Frame/Gantry #

To fix your printer frame and/or gantry we recommend watching the below video from The Edge of Tech. This applies to all printers of this style that use the Vslot extrusion and wheels.

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