Warranty & Technical Support Coverage

How long is the Warranty? #

All products come with a minimum of 3-month warranty coverage. Some higher-end products come with a 6-month warranty. All warranty lengths are listed at the bottom of each product page.

B-Stock/Clearance/Refurbished/Mystery Box Products #

Products that are B-Stock, Clearance, Refurbished, and/or Mystery Boxes are usually sold as-is or at most a 30-day warranty. Because these products are sold at a deeply discounted price, technical support is never included in them.

Technical Support Coverage #

All our products come with technical support, which is included for the length of the product warranty. Technical support covers the product itself and does not extend to 3rd party addons not purchased from TH3D or your entire 3D printer.

Products that require firmware must be using TH3D firmware to be eligible for technical support.

Technical Support Communication #

All included product support is done via our help desk email system or live chat system. If you require phone, video, or remote PC support it is available at an additional charge via our Paid Support system.

What is not covered by Technical Support? #

  • 3rd Party Addons and/or Products not bought from TH3D
  • Printed parts not purchased from TH3D
  • Slicer Setup and/or Tuning of Slicer Profiles
  • Usage and/or Setup of non-TH3D provided Firmware
  • Any “DIY Firmware” from TH3D or other sources
  • Fixing and/or Troubleshooting issues on your 3D printer that are not caused by the product
  • Fixing and/or Troubleshooting issues on your computer
  • Fixing and/or Troubleshooting issues with your network and/or internet connections

Getting help with something not covered by Technical Support #

If you need help with something that is not covered by our technical support you have a few options. We have Paid support that can assist you with your 3D printer troubleshooting and/or upgrades. You can also use our Communities which are free for anyone to use.

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