Rolling Spool Holder for Creality/Sovol Printers

Details #

This spool holder is a nice one that we found on Thingiverse (by mjoaris). The issue with the stock files is that how they were exported, they would not print correctly. We’ve repaired the files and oriented them in the orientation that they should be printed.

This will fit most Creality and Sovol printers where the spool holder is vertical. The arm uses the metal channel on the stock bracket to align it in the mount.

Supports: You will need support on the Arm and nut when you print it. This design uses 2x 608 type bearings.

There are 4 files to print – Arm, Nut, Roller, and Roller insert. The roller insert gets pressed into the end of the roller to attach the 2nd bearing to the roller.

Download #

Creality Rolling Spool Holder for Vertical Arms

Pictures of the Spool Holder #

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