EZNeo – Extra Mounting STLs

Purpose of these Mounts #

On some machines, you may need or want to mount the strip at different angles and/or positions. As we fit the strips to different models we will add more mounts that we made. If you also have made a mount for the EZNeo PCB let us know and we’ll add it here.

On printers that are “Ender 3 style” the strips are designed to be mounted directly to the bottom of the top extrusion bar. Some printers have mechanical parts in the way on CoreXY frames or square frames so these adapters are to help you install the strips on those different style printers.

Sovol SV06 Mounting Plugs #

This is designed to be installed in the top bar of the SV06 in the 3rd hole from each side as shown below. Then screw the EZNeo strip to the blocks with their included screws. The direction of the holes in the plugs must match as shown below for proper mounting.

SV06 EZNeo Mounting Blocks

20-Degree Mounting Block #

This was designed for the Ender 6 to mount under the front rail. Each EZNeo kit includes 4x M3x6mm screws and 4x M3 T-Nuts. This is designed to mount with 2x M3x6mm screws from the PCB to the blocks and 2x M3x6mm Screws through the blocks with 2x M3 T-Nuts to attach them to standard 20mm extrusion. This also fits well on the Ender 5 and 5 Plus.

EZNeo 20-Degree Mounting Block
Installed in our Ender 6 with the 20-degree blocks
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