VSCode – Check-mark Compile Button Not Showing

Before we begin… #

You should have VSCode, PlatformIO, and Python installed according to these instructions. You can also use Marlin’s instructions for installing the software (up to the “Setting your Environment” section).

PlatformIO is an extension of VSCode used for all Marlin-based firmware. It must be installed properly before firmware can be compiled. PlatformIO should appear as an icon on the left-hand side of VSCode, a little bug character, if it is installed properly.

PlatformIO Extension installed

The Issue #

In our directions for the Unified Firmware packages we offer, we have a step that requires you to click the blue check-mark button to compile the firmware:

Check-mark “Build/Compile” button on the PlatformIO Toolbar in VSCode

In some cases, the check-mark icon may not appear, or the blue toolbar may not be present at all. There are several reasons this may be the case. See the steps below to resolve the issue.

If the blue Status Bar is not visible at all #

First, ensure that you followed the instructions to install PlatformIO from the “Before We Begin” section of this article. If PlatformIO is not installed, you will not be able to compile firmware until you do.

In some cases, the blue status toolbar is missing altogether. If you don’t see the toolbar at all:

  1. Go to View > Appearance
  2. Ensure that “Show Status Bar” is checked. If not, select it to enable it.
View > Appearance > Show Status Bar should be checked. If not, select it to enable it.

This should make the blue toolbar appear. If you don’t see the check-mark button yet, continue following this article.

Ensure the correct folder is opened with VSCode #

These instructions apply to our Unified Firmware. Your mileage may vary with other Marlin-based firmware installations.

Marlin-based firmware relies on a file called “platformio.ini” in order to set up variables necessary to compile the firmware properly. Our Unified Firmware packages already have these files built for specific mainboards and printer models. In order for VSCode to compile Unified correctly, it must have the “platformio.ini” file present in the folder you choose to open.

Go to File > Open Folder and highlight the “Firmware” folder from our Unified Firmware package, then click “Select Folder” to open it. It must be the folder called “Firmware” specifically, since that’s the folder that contains “platformio.ini”. Once you load the proper folder, you should see the check-mark icon visible on the blue toolbar.

Go to File > Open Folder
Click to highlight the “Firmware” folder specifically, then click the “Select Folder” button.

PlatformIO icons missing from toolbar #

If you know you installed PlatformIO and you have the correct folder opened, but still don’t see the check-mark, right-click on the blue toolbar and ensure “PlatformIO IDE (Extension)” is enabled. See this article for more details.

Video Reference #

We have a video that you can view as a visual aid for installing VSCode, PlatformIO, and our Unified Firmware.

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