US – Military, Veteran, Fire, and Police Discounts

Discount Information #

Here at TH3D, we appreciate the people who make and have made sacrifices for this great country. As a small token of our gratitude, we offer a 5% discount on ALL our products and 50% off all hourly labor charges for custom 3D printer support services.

Discounts must be applied BEFORE you order. Contact our support using the information below to get your discount setup. We cannot apply discounts after orders are placed.

Thank you for your service.

People eligible for this discount #

  • US Military Personnel
  • US Veterans
  • US Fire Personnel
  • US Police Personnel

How do I get the discount in the store? #

If you are any of the above people and want to take advantage of this discount please contact our support team so we can set up your own personal discount code that can be used at checkout to take the 5% off your entire order that will be valid for 365 days from issue.

Please submit some proof of your affiliation to our support team. You can block out anything like ID numbers or other text/bar codes on your ID that are not your name, and photo. Only TH3D staff will have access to these photos.

How do I get the labor discount? #

Contact our support team to arrange a support time for your 3D printer issue to verify that it is something we have availability for and that we can help with. Once we talk to you about your needs the tech support rep will set up a one-time use 50% off code for our support service charge and you can book the appointment through our website like normal.

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