EZBoard Klipper Config Examples

On our Github repo (th3dstudio/ezboard-klipper-stuff) we have example configs and precompiled binary files. This is for ADVANCED USERS ONLY. V1 and V2 board examples are included in this repo.

NOTE: Klipper is developing at a fast pace so it will be possible that these configs may need updating if they changed something since the last time we posted the example configs.

These are provided AS-IS with no support or guarantee from TH3D Studio LLC.

Klipper is an advanced, tweaking firmware that is complex to set up and use. You are welcome to use whatever firmware you wish on our boards but we only support our Unified 2 Firmware on them when it comes to what our included Technical Support covers at no cost.

Make sure you read the official Klipper Installation information and follow their directions.

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