Fan “Whining” Noise – Creality Fan Shroud Mod

Noise Cause #

On some printers, the metal fan shrouds can amplify the motor noise of a fan. This is usually seen on the Ender 3/5 series with the metal fan grill that comes with the machine. The grill itself is easy to remove and takes only a few seconds to do. You can also print a new fan shroud that has a different design for your particular printer (there are many on Thingiverse for different printer models).

Most of the fans we sell are quieter than the ones that come with your printer (dB levels are listed on the product pages). However, because the fan shroud/grill design on some machines can amplify the motor noise and noise from the air passing through the grill it may seem like the fan is louder than the original. Doing this mod on these printers will remove the noise that is caused by the fan grill.

Clipping the Grill (Creality Machines) #

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