Creality V4.2.X TMC Boards – Recommended VREF

How to Set your VREF #

These are the recommended VREFs for the V4.2.2 and V4.2.7 with Trinamic Drivers (TMC2208/TMC2225) from Creality. VREF is set by using a multimeter with power ON to the board and adjusting with a screwdriver. See our VREF video below for an example.

Be CAREFUL when adjusting as a slip of your screwdriver will damage the board permanently.

VREF Values #

These VREF values are the recommended ones from Creality. If a VREF is set too high you can damage the board and/or stepper motor due to heat and/or too high of current. If set too low, you will lose steps.


VREF Setting Video #

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