Firmware Flashing MicroSD Recommendations

Why is this article here? #

Some larger MicroSD cards have been reported to not work correctly for flashing firmware on the EZBoard. If you are using a card 16GB or larger you will want to try a smaller card if the below recommendations do not work. Below are the recommended settings/format/guidelines for making flashing quick and painless.

This also applies to other boards that use a MicroSD card to flash (like the MKS SGen L series and Creality boards).

Guidelines and Recommendations #

  • Use a small card. Smaller the better.
    • You can use up to 32GB for Gcode but for flashing you want it to be a small card if you are having issues with the 32GB.
  • It MUST be formatted as FAT or FAT32
  • It MUST only have one partition
    • If you used the card for something like Octoprint in the past you will need to erase all the partitions on the card and make one primary partition.
    • Format that one partition as FAT or FAT32 for the file system
    • Here is a guide on using diskpart to clear out a card. Make sure to select the SD card and not your computer drive.
  • The firmware file MUST be named firmware.bin
    • All lower case
    • Nothing else.
    • If your file is named something other than firmware.bin (example: firmware(1).bin) rename it to firmware.bin
  • The firmware.bin file must be the ONLY thing on the card.
  • Make sure to safely remove the card from your computer to avoid corrupting the MicroSD card.
  • Use a FAT Formatted, lower capacity card. We carry 4GB cards pre-formatted as FAT in our store here.

Flashing The Firmware #

  1. To flash completely power off the printer and make sure the LCD and fans are completely off and stopped.
  2. Copy the firmware.bin file to your FAT or FAT32 formatted SD card. DO NOT put it in a folder.
  3. Insert the MicroSD card and turn on the machine.
  4. You will hear a longer than normal (about 10 seconds) power on beep then it will boot.
  5. If the firmware flashed it will now be named FIRMWARE.CUR on the MicroSD card and you can remove it.
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