Sending Back Your Return

Send it back how you received it #

  • When returning products to us they must be in like-new condition and complete.
    • This means NO missing parts and in their original packaging.
    • Do NOT send back parts still attached to your own printer parts and/or printed parts

Packing your order #

  • All products must be returned in boxes, not padded mailers or envelopes.
    • Boxes provide good protection for the items coming back to us. We ship out all our products in boxes.
  • Include your order number AND ticket number inside the box.

Troubleshoot it First #

Some products will require you to go through troubleshooting steps with our Support team. If you refuse to do troubleshooting, the return may be denied. Due to the nature of many products we sell, most “issues” with products are not due to defective products and the failure for the product to work properly is usually a result of improper installation and/or not following the installation directions correctly.

Return Period #

All returns MUST be postmarked within 30 days of receiving the order. Returns sent back later than 30 days will not be accepted.

Tracking Number #

If you are shipping the return back to us with your own label, make sure to reply to your support ticket with the tracking number so we can monitor its progress.

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