Unified Firmware – Increase Maximum Temperature


These settings are for ADVANCED USERS who have printers with the PROPER HOT-END UPGRADES. Changing these settings can be dangerous and lead to fire, injury, and death.

These instructions are NOT TO BE USED WITH PTFE-LINED HOT-ENDS such as those that come on most hobbyist 3D printers. PTFE is a plastic that can melt, burn, and catch fire in addition to off-gassing noxious fumes. DO NOT EXCEED 260°C OR OVERRIDE THE DEFAULT MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE WITH A PTFE-LINED HOT END UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

TH3D bears no responsibility for anything you choose to do with the information below. We do NOT provide technical support for these features.

You have been warned.

Increasing Maximum Temperature in Unified Firmware #

Our Unified Firmware contains settings needed to increase the maximum-possible temperature of the hot-end. These settings are contained in the main configuration.h file of our firmware packages.

The following settings are present in our Unified Firmware configuration file:

// If you have a hotend and thermistor capable of over 290C you can set the max temp value below.
// Setting this higher than 290C on a stock or traditional thermistor will damage it. Refer to your thermistor documentation to see what max temp is.

In order to use these settings, you must enable BOTH of the “define” lines as seen above. The first line (for HIGH_TEMP_THERMISTOR) enables the use of the function, so it must be enabled. The second line (for HIGH_TEMP_THERMISTOR_TEMP) must be enabled and an integer value must be set.

Please note that Marlin-based firmware such as ours does not actually allow the hot-end to hit its maximum temperature for safety reasons. During normal operation, the printer will allow you to use a maximum temperature 15°C below the actual specified maximum value. For example, if you set the maximum value to 300°C, the firmware will allow you to print at an actual maximum of 285°C.

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