Ticket Handling Processes

Response Time #

We try to respond as quickly as possible at all times. Our business hours are 9 am through 5 pm Monday through Friday in the CST time zone. Most tickets receive a reply within 1 business day, but it may be up to 5 business days during high support ticket volumes. We will reply to every legitimate ticket sent to our help desk. Priority Support tickets will receive higher priority even during high support ticket volumes

Multiple Tickets for the Same Request #

Opening multiple tickets for the same request slows down our team and will not mean you will get a response quicker. If you want to follow up or add additional details, you must do it on the original request. Duplicate requests will be merged into the original request.

No Response after 5 Days #

If it’s been 5 business days since your last reply, we will close out the ticket due to inactivity. If your ticket is closed and you still need help, you can reply to the last email for that ticket to have it re-opened or a follow-up ticket made for you. We do this to keep our ticket queue clean and not have stale tickets open. Even if a ticket is closed waiting on a return/RMA, we can still make a follow-up on it without affecting the return/RMA.

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