EZFlex – Smooth PEI Appearance

New Plates #

Because our Smooth plates have a PEI sheet that also has an adhesive layer beneath the sheet to attach it to the plate, you may see some “stripes” or lighter spots on the sheet. This is normal and does not affect usage of the plate.

Every smooth PEI plate has these because it is part of the adhesive layer. If the PEI were not transparent, this would not be noticed. We check every plate to make sure it is 100% functional before we stock them for sale on our site.

Close-up Example of what this looks like, this is normal

Damage From Printing Too Close #

On the smooth PEI plates, you can also damage the adhesive below the PEI sheet if your Z height is too close to the bed. Make sure you are maintaining a level and properly trammed bed when you are printing or damage can result.

Example of damage to a smooth PEI plate from printing too close
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