EZNeo – EZBoard Lite V1.X Board Setup

What you will need #

  1. The EZNeo Strip
  2. EZNeo Power Module for EZBoard Lite V1.X

While we have the EZNeo Power Module for the EZBoard, part availability may affect supply. If you do not want to wait for the EZNeo Power Module for the EZBoard Lite, you can also use our universal power kit. Details are below.

Installing the EZNeo Power Module #

Because the EZBoard 5V rail is only fused at 0.5A, we need to use a separate add-on module when using the EZBoard Lite V1.X with the EZNeo strips. Below are detailed directions on how to install the module. There is NO soldering involved. If you cannot get a hold of the power module you can also use our Universal kit and use the RX pin on the 6-pin header (see below for a picture of this pin location).

EZBoard Pins (for DIY hookup) #

If you are using the RX pin already or cannot get a hold of our power adapter boards you have some other options with the universal power adapter. Below are pins and their numbers if you are not using those headers for other things.

Firmware Setup #

Unified 2 Firmware #

If you are using our Unified 2 firmware, there are preset settings in the Configuration.h file to support the EZNeo strip. All you need to do is uncomment the line for the EZNeo strip you are using. If you are using a different pin other than P0_03 for a DIY hookup, you also need to uncomment the NEOPIXEL_PIN line and enter in the pin number you are using.

Vanilla Marlin Setup #

If you are using a standard build of Marlin (aka “Vanilla” Marlin), follow the directions below to set the correct options to use the strips with your Marlin build. These directions are based on Marlin Older/newer versions of Marlin may have different values than shown below.

Configuration.h Settings #

In Configuration.h make the following changes:

  • Uncomment the NEOPIXEL_LED line
  • Set the NEOPIXEL_PIN line to whatever IO pin you are using to control the strip.
  • Change the NEOPIXEL_PIXELS value to 15
  • Uncomment the NEOPIXEL_STARTUP_TEST line

Configuration_adv.h Settings #

In Configuration_adv.h make the following changes:

  • Uncomment the LED_CONTROL_MENU line

These settings will enable all the Marlin RGB LED control options. You can change the LED colors from your printer LCD menu or through Gcode commands (M150)

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