TH3D Solid Bed Mounts Installation Information

Camera Adapter Part Notes #

We include the C270/C310 and EZCAM HD Mount on all Solid Bed Mount V1.1 kit packages. If you need other ones for other cameras (C920, C615, Pi Cam, Go Pro), then check the Camera Adapter STL Page.

The adapter piece is to be printed in PLA as it is not near the bed and will even work in an enclosure. If you didn’t select a camera arm option or want to change cameras you can download the STL files for the camera adapters from the page here: Download page

Installation Instructions #

  1. Unscrew the existing bed screws and remove the spring (and spacer if you have them) from each corner.
  2. Replace the Spring with the new bed mounts
    1. The strain relief goes in the rear left corner
    2. Camera mount goes in the front right corner
  3. Tighten down the thumbscrew to tighten bed against the spacers
    1. Use Loctite or superglue on the nuts if you have issues with them spinning off.
    2. Do NOT overtighten as you can damage your heated bed PCB if you overtighten the screws, They should be finger tight.
    3. If you do overtighten and short the PCB heater to the spacer you can put a Nylon washer between the spacer and the bed to insulate it.
  4. Use the included zip ties to secure the bed wires into the strain relief part
  5. If you have the Camera Kit – Mount your camera to the included mount and then insert the camera mount into the fingers on the arm. THREAD the screw into the mount finger holes. See below for installation notes and pictures at the bottom of the page.
    1. Pi Camera (V1) – Insert the Pi Camera PCB into the front part of the 2 piece case and snap the back into place. Make sure you route the cable in a manner that will move with the bed that is flat
    2. Logitech C920 – You will need to remove the stock baseplate from the camera and replace it with the included mount. See details on disassembly here.
    3. Logitech C615 – You will need to remove the stock baseplate from the camera and press-fit the included mount into the D shaped hole on the camera. See details on disassembly here.
    4. Logitech C270/C310 – You will remove the stock arm from the camera and use the included screw and nut to attach the mounting adapter to the rear of the C270.
    5. GoPro Camera – Just mount in the fingers of the GoPro standard case (Thank you Charlie Parks for making the adapter for this camera)
  6. Aim your camera to your liking and then gently tighten down the M3 Screw that holds the camera mount adapter fingers into the camera arm fingers to compress the fingers to keep the camera in place. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

Installation/Example Pictures #

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