CR-10S V2.0/V2.1 Temperature Issue Board Repair

Disclaimer #

This information is shared to help out the community. TH3D will NOT provide support or be liable for any damage incurred should you or someone else perform the repair.

What to check for #

Check your printer board. If the C4 capacitor says 220 on it then you have an updated board from Creality. We provided them with the repair information and the new boards are being seen in the wild. If your C4 capacitor says 100 on it then it should be repaired or replaced.

Issue #

The 5V regulation on the CR-10S V2.0/V2.1 boards has high ripple. This is due to the wrong type and size of the capacitor being used on the boards. To stabilize temperatures the C4 capacitor needs to be replaced. This is a surface mount component and is difficult to remove without damaging the board if you are a novice.

Repair #

The repair consists of removing the C4 cap and replacing with a 220uF 16V (min) 6.3mm Polymer w/low ESR capacitor. The ESR on the capacitor we are using has an ESR of under 25 mOhms. We’re using United Chemi-Con APXG160ARA221MF80G.

Repair Video #

Capacitor Images #

Stock C4 Capacitor
Board Repaired by TH3D
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