VSCode – Squiggles and IncludePath Error

Upon loading VSCode and our Unified Firmware, you may encounter an error that says “#include errors detected. Please update your includePath. Squiggles are disabled for this translation unit…” as seen here:

Sample “squiggles” error

First Compile Issues #

This error commonly occurs when loading Unified Firmware and/or VSCode for the first time. The error tends to resolve itself upon a successful first compile of the firmware.

VSCode uses a feature that attempts to follow the code from beginning to end to check for errors before you attempt to completely compile the code. This feature relies on having the compiler and firmware dependencies (things like programming libraries and languages) installed in order to function correctly.

When compiling firmware the first time, VSCode downloads the additional dependencies needed as specified in the firmware’s back-end files before proceeding with the actual compile process. After these dependencies are successfully downloaded, VSCode can function correctly with the entire firmware package.

Common Solutions #

  1. Ignore the error and attempt to compile, then attempt a second compile if the first fails. Dependencies will be downloaded on the first attempt, and it may require a second attempt to work properly.
  2. If the error persists, completely close and reopen VSCode, than wait a few minutes for VSCode and IntelliSense to update. Status for this is shown on the blue toolbar at the very bottom of VSCode… wait for these updates to finish.
  3. Ensure that you have installed VSCode, PlatformIO, and Python according to our installation instructions. Consider completely uninstalling/reinstalling VSCode if you continue to encounter issues.
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