EZNeo 5V Universal Power Kit Documentation

Details #

The universal power kit includes the step-down module itself and some Male-Female Dupont wires. These are to make a connection between your printer power supply + control board and the EZNeo strip cable. This does require soldering to make the connection.

This guide is for people who are comfortable doing very basic soldering and can pay attention to polarity (wire color – red/black). If you are not comfortable soldering, you should not be attempting this upgrade.

Additional Items Needed #

Things you will need that are not included in the power kit are:

  • Electrical tape (or heat-shrink)
  • A soldering iron
  • Rosin core solder

Making the wiring harness #

The pictures below show red and black wires for the power connections for ease of demoing the directions.

You can use whatever colors you want but make sure you remember what color wire they are going to on the power module itself when connecting to the EZNeo strip plug and your printer power supply. Connecting things backward will damage the module and/or the EZNeo strips.

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