Zyltech Gear EZABL Wiring Information

Requirements: #

  • EZABL Pro™ kit including EZABL control box, sensor, and power
  • Extended Z signal cable (also sold as an accessory to the EZABL)

EZABL Installation Guide #

To install the EZABL Pro™ on the Zyltech Gear, you will follow our EZABL Installation Guide, found here: EZABL Pro Installation Guide

In section 3 of the installation guide, you will be required to install a Z endstop cable between the mainboard and the EZABL control box. Please see below for the proper wiring of this cable.

Zyltech Gear Installation Notes #

The Zyltech Gear requires the use of an additional Z endstop cable not provided with the machine. This cable is included as an accessory to the EZABL Pro™ kit for the Zyltech Gear or as a standalone item.

This cable connects the EZABL control box to the Z+ connector on the MKS Robin board. MKS uses colored JST connectors for these ports, the connector on our review unit’s board is green:

Connect the extended Z Endstop cable to the Z+ header on the Zyltech Gear’s Robin Nano board as seen here

The other end of the Z endstop cable goes into the EZABL control box as seen in our EZABL instructions or the following video. Note that the following video is for printers with existing endstops, but the appropriate port and connector are shown:

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